What Customers Say

Letters and emails from my customers!  I love to get 'em and share them with you.  I'm getting pretty good at tooting my own horn.  With the words of my valued customers added in, It's becoming a full brass band!

<July 2009>

Bill!  Just got back from the post office.......I GOT WOODY'S!!!.   Bar-B-Q  this weekend!!
Dang,  if I would have just waited 1 more hour (I wouldn't have had to bug ya...sorry.)!
You did me good, thanks Bill.

<May 2009>

Hey Bill,
Received my order yesterday and LOVE the
crossed axes sweatshirt. The quality is numero uno!
Thanks for the great service and variety of products.
I definately will order again.
Best regards

Diana R. S.



<December 2008>

I was just about to write to you - the box came today and (he) picked it up - but didn't see who it was from - so he has no idea he's getting this. Right now it is wrapped and under the tree and this is the one gift he wants the most because he just got certified as a Wildland Firefighter and has sent out all his applications - so wish him luck and many many thanks to you for getting it to me by Christmas! I will highly recommend your website - and probably be buying more stuff from it - if I know (him) at all....haha.
I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!
Thanks again,

Hi Bill! Just got an email from C..... and the package got there! Thank Heavens. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Thank you very much. We'll be ordering again soon.

J..... :-)

<July 2008>

Order received.  Intact.  (Sausa intacta?)  Fast.  Easy.  Local store no longer getting it, but I've been using Woody's (except for recent unavailability) for over two decades.  Great to find it on web, and from a close-by source. 

And getting it unwrapped and put away only took me 45 minutes! 

O.k, not quite 45 minutes.


(I tend to be protective about ALL my shipments!  <Bill>)

<June 2008>

Hi Bill,
I received the replacement bottle of Woody's late yesterday.  I am glad you did not send the two bottles you said you were going to, because you were also out another $7.00 just in shipping charges.  I know you didn't make any money on my order.  The best way I know to repay you for standing behind the products you sell is to be a return customer and to tell others about your great business ethics.  The folks at Woody's Foods are lucky to have you representing them.  Thanks again for promptly resolving this problem and continued success with your online store.
Best regards,

( I work hard to make sure my customers are happy - and they keep coming back (and bringing their friends) for more!  I think I just found a brand new business concept!)  Thanks, Dann! <Wave> Bill


Bill -
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order of Woody's on Saturday and everything was fine.  It is great to find a place where I can get Woody's.  We have been using this product for years and were upset when the local Safeway discontinued carrying it.  After looking for it in other grocery stores we had resigned ourselves to doing without.  Glad that we don't have to now that I have found a source!

<May 2008>

Hi Bill,
Just want to let you know I received my shipment of  "Woody's cookin' sauce" a couple of days ago, all in good order.  This was a life saver!  Been using Woody's for years now, since my sister lived in CA.  Now it is impossible to find locally.
I will certainly visit your store again,

Received the package on Monday.  Everything looks in order.  Thanks…

<no name>

Hey Bill!
Just a quick note to let you know that I received my order promptly and in great condition.
Very glad to have Woody's again...our local store stopped carrying it and we've missed it!
Thanks again for the great service.


Dear Bill:
I picked up your shipment at the post office yesterday.  I could not have arrived at a more opportune time.
Monday, I decided to barbeque some tainted chicken before it turned totally green.  I put it in the grill and used up the last of the Woody's I had on hand, two opened jars, one expired in 2003, and the other in 2005.  Last night I enjoyed two of the four pieces of chicken and it was just wonderful.  My local store carries brand after brand of those sticky, varnish-like BBQ sauces, when Woody's is really the only one needed.
Thank you for making this excellent product available again, at last.  
Amarillo, Texas


<April 2008>

Hello Bill,
I recieved the Woody's order this afternoon in perfect condition. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
you will certainly be my go to guy when I need more.
lightening fast shipping!!!

I now have a reason to continue living,...  YOU DA MAN !!!

Hey Bill,
I got the "Woodys" today. I did not know you had air service to deliver. Super fast delivery and fantistic packing. You could have dropped the box off a 3 story drill tower and the bottles would not have broken.
Time to BBQ


Thank you very much, very fast delivery!
Glad to see I can find Woodys again.


<March 2008>

GREAT TURN AROUND TIME!!! I ordered a shirt one day and by the next afternoon had it on my back!!! I was so pleased with the fast response I have placed another order for two more items.
Would love to see some shirts for SFFD Stations or Units.
Thanks again!
John <Edited for clarity>

I received my order today, prompt and in perfect condition (as usual!).  Thank you for your service.

Thanks Bill!! 

I received the remaining jars and they were all intact! Great packaging!!

Thank You,



My two jars of Woody's Cookin' Sauce arrived this afternoon in a middle of a blizzard!  The package was in perfect condition.  Thanks for your great service.


The order arrived yesterday.  I have used the Woody's twice already.  Nice to have it back.  When I run out I'll be back.


A quick note to thank you once again. The order arrived this afternoon in good shape. It's great to have my Woody's Cookin Sauce back in the house! You're the best.


Thanks Bill,
I appreciate your quick response!


Hi Bill,

Your package arrived yesterday-------what service!!!!!

Thanks again,

Bill W.  (Not THE Bill W. by the way.  Bill)

<February 2008>

Just want to let you know that I am thrilled to have Woody's back in my pantry. Thanks for the quick shipment too!

Can I get 2 more boxes of the woody's cook-in sauce???

The answer was "Yes" and he reordered within 10 minutes of me sending the email!

From a customer who had a problem with a shirt:

Me:  Sorry if I sound a bit strong in this, but this is how I run my
> store:  You are not ALLOWED to leave my store until you are 100%
> DELIGHTED!  I INSIST that you tell me of any problem or
> dissatisfaction you have!
> I'll make it right.  Count on it.


Customer:  Thanks Bill,

I got the replacement shirt yesterday - we'll wash it to make sure it is
ok, and let you know.  Thanks again for you prompt response.  It is a
pleasure doing business with someone who cares about their customers! :)


Bill:  I never heard back from Guy, so I must presume he is delighted!  He may now leave the store, to return again when he desires to enhance his wardrobe!

<August 2007>

Hi Bill,
Just wanted to say thanks for the great shirt.  I was in SF a few weeks ago and missed my chance to buy my brother a SFFD T for his birthday.  He loved the belated gift and I saw him wearing it today.
I appreciate your prompt response and your personal touch.



<May 2007>

thanks Bill., WOOOOOOOOOOOW that has quick, in time 4 the weekend barbeque

<October 2006>

As I was preparing for my overseas trip, a CUSTOM ORDER arrived.  Of course, I couldn't fill it while I was gone, but told the customer it would be made while I was gone, and shipped on my return.  He got a little nervous, and there were a couple of emails sent. There was even a stern inquiry, AFTER I replied that the order was on it's way!   In the end, this is what he had to say: 
YES!!!! They must have crossed... server glitch.  All's well, I got it today and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks so much.

That was fast!  Across the Country, in only one day!  Do you wonder why I use Priority Mail?   It's Swift!

<September 2006>  

Heyyy Bill!
I got the sweater today thanks so much!
I love it! I was excited to get it cause I been waiting for it. Its fits great! My boyfriend is becoming a firefighter so now I can represent the SFFD! =D
Thanks again maybe I will order something else from you soon!

This was a customer who ordered during my vacation - and understood - then was DELIGHTED when her order arrived!  I had e-mailed her from abroad, explaining the situation.

<June 2006>

Hi Bill,

yes it has arrived. My husband is very happy. Thank you for all your effort.

(A customer in Europe , who needed just a bit of  assistance in getting her order "over the pond".

<Feb. 2004>  

Wow. I opened my mailbox tonight and I already have my shirt (and it is already on my body). Thanks!!!  You made my Monday (of course you could have a attached a SF FF. :  )

take care


<Sorry Sherry!  All the SF FF's I know are hooked up.  Maybe I should start a dating service....?

<July 2003>

Hi Bill!
> First of all I want to say sorry that I didn´t send an E-mail to you after
> got the two shirts and the sweater. (that was half a year ago) But, better
> late than never, I want to tell you that they are really great and my
> girlfrind and I love them. They remind us of our vacation in the most
> beautiful city in the world.



<January 2003>


Got all the stuff, just what I wanted!

Appreciate the excellent customer service.

Thanks again…



I received the shirts this week - they are simply awesome! Top quality and very slick - thanx! They were so good that I ordered an additional t-shirt today.

Hope all is going well.

Best regards

Paul (U.K.)

Hi Bill,
> I received my order, and I am writing to let you know everything is great!
> I really appreciate the quick service, and the quality merchandise. I'm
> I will be placing more orders with you in the future.
> Thanks,
> John

<December 2002>

Dear Bill, This is Robert (Withheld), I last ordered from you over the summer. I was clearing my desk off and found your letter from the last order and you had given me an extra shirt for being a good sport. I meant to reply and thank you but like most of our desks your letter was swallowed up. So anyway great stuff you are selling, I will be ordering again soon...

Hey Bill,
Just want to write and thank you for that amazing sweat shirt. I've never been a big sweat shirt guy but now I wear it from laundry day to laundry day. Can't believe how warm it is. And mighty convinient too. The photographs on the site doesn't do the design any justice. It's sharp, well-drawn and really looks great on the sweat shirt!  "Moose"  

Hey Bill!  PTL - the order just arrived!!!  Thanks so much for getting it
> out for me.  This will make my other half's day - and his bro's Xmas.
> Again, Thanks so very much for your efforts and for offering these great
> shirts.  There will be future orders coming for myself!!
> We hope you and yours have a great Christmas!!


Hello Bill
Very nice t-shirt`s, no problem to order from europe, high quality product.
I`m very satisfied.
Thanks a lot
Much greeting´s from germany
Thomas - FD Munich

<June 2002>

....But a unique and good one. ;-) I'm sure I'm not the first one saying this, but sffdgear's a gem within the circle!

  Just wanted to let you know that my son who lives in San Fran gave me a
T shirt SFFD for fathers day and my birthday and I live in  <the rest of the message contained personal information, but expressed complete satisfaction>.
 Thanks, "T"
Of course, I remembered this order - I had attached a "Happy Father's Day" note with it!  I was happy to hear that DAD was pleased!  I THINK that the son is a San Francisco Firefighter....  Bill

Thanks for the quick service and excellent quality of shirts. They are terrific and I can't tell the difference between the "real" blue work shirt and yours.  My dad will love it.  Thanks again.
K. G.

I can't either.  Bill

<May 2002>

Hi Bill,
> Thanks for the weekly newsletters, they're great!  The sport shirts look
real nice.  Will they come in other colors someday?  ...  The tiller ride at the
end is a blast!  I wish my dept. has one.  I'm going to try to save it so I
can go for 'rides' every once in a while.  By the way, my SFFD duty
sweatshirt has become my favorite sweatshirt.  I wear it a lot.  I haven't
worn the duty T yet because its been cold since I bought it but the weather
is getting warm.
> Thanks again.
> Jeff

I got my order in the mail within 48 hours of ordering it!  I was quite impressed and I like the quality of the shirt and the wool hat's I purchased.  I sent two of the hats to some Fire Fighters at <A Southern California> Fire Department!  I collect fire department hats and got a few friends into it!  Good luck with your on line services!  I will make sure and spread the word!  Your online service is great!  Thank you and best wishes always...


<April 2002>

Received the gear today!!
> Wow! That was fast!!!
> Am sending one to a pal in Tempe who lost his partner last year...he
> loves San Francisco and the shirt is perfect!!
> Thanx, and enjoy the Sunday mailings!
> Debi

<April 2002>

Hi Bill!
I just wanted to let you know that the 3 SFFD shirts arrived in Germany today. The shirts are great!!!
Now I´m waiting for the new Polo Shirts!! You can be sure that I will order at least one!
Really great service!!! Thank you very much!!! Now I have a really nice souvenir from my trip to San Francisco in march 2002.
You will hear from me when you have the Polo shirts in stock.
There is a picture added to this email. You can see a fire-fighter with “my” shirt at Fisherman's Wharf!! Now I have the same shirt. Wow!!

Benjamin ( Germany )
(A very nice photo of Truck 16 was included - showing a Firefighter in his "Station Duty"  tee shirt).

<April 2002>

> Bill,
> Received your package on Thursday! Thanks so much for the
> extra effort.  The shirt and hat (hat in particular) are
> great.  You're right, I will be ordering again, though
> hopefully not in such a hurry for delivery as this last
> time.
> Thanks again,
> Pat

<April 2002>

I did receive the shirts, they are perfect.
      I thank you very much for supplying such a high quality product.
      It is evident you take pride in the city of San Francisco
                                                                                    Thanks again,

<April 2002>

I got the gear and my Fiance loves her stuff. I like the hat and It looks great.   I posted a copy of your home page outside my EMT class in San Francisco.  I hope you get some business from it.  When we get a chance to attend the NERT classes, I'll stop by and say Hey.
I like the news letter as well.

<April 2002>

...Have worn the sweatshirt twice and the t-shirt once.  I am in law enforcement (<Police Agency>  dispatch) but my grandfather, father and two of my brothers were with SFFD (all retired now).  My nephew is in paramedic school and will soon be applying as well.

<February 2002>
> Hi Bill,
> Well I must say that I'm totally impressed! :)
> I recieved my shirt on the 11th of Feb so it took less than a week to
> arrive - I recieve parcels from Australia frequently that take longer than
> that and they're practically next door!
> The shirt is great, just like the pics and a good quality Hanes Beefy T.
> Cheers,
> Di :) (New Zealand)


Hey Bill,
>        I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided with the
> shirts I ordered.  They are great.  I can't believe that just three days ago
> I ordered them and today I got them in the mail.  I will surely recommend
> your website to my classmates in the Fire Academy at the College of <withheld>
 Thanks again for your wonderful service.
> Many Thanks,
> Marcel



Got it Friday!!!

Thanks for the quick service.....  


<12-01>  Hi - yes, you can add me to your email list.   My dad was a firefighter in San Francisco for 20 plus years.  Over those years he rose through the ranks to become a Captain and the last place he was stationed was at Pier 22 with the Fireboat Phoenix.  One night I was honored to have dinner with the guys stationed there and enjoyed an unforgettable trip out on the Phoenix.   My Dad died of cancer when he was 48 years old and during his horrible fight with the disease he was unable to work and I know he missed the SFFD a great deal. 
Thanks for creating your site and providing the public with th is cool SFFD gear.   Just having the sweatshirt brings back a little piece of my Dad to me and the pride I always felt for him and the SFFD.


If I get another letter like this, I'll have to live to the end of time - just to keep doing this!  I had no idea that I would affect someone's life so profoundly!  Thank you - I'm humbled.  Bill


12-01  ....Drove back in this afternoon and found your box.

Great cap, and securely shipped. I've seen some people with second rate FDNY
caps and such, but your gear is the real deal. Knew it would be, not that
hard to tell the people and web sites that are concerned about what they do.
You'll be getting a shirt order from me soon.

Thanks again, and have a good Holiday.

Hey Bill,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today.  Everything looks great!  The shirts are very nicely produced.  Thanks for sending them out so fast.  This was one of the best buying experiences I've had.  I'll be sure to back for other things, and send others your way.  Thanks again.
(order #51)

The duty shirts are great! Is it possible in the future that there may be t-shirts with the apparatus of the San Francisco Fire Dept on them, perhaps the engine, truck company, or paramedic ambulances? My name is   <xxx> and I am a fire dispatcher for the L..A. County Fire Dept and an avid fire buff. I collect fire apparatus t-shirts from all over the United States. I would love to see a fire apparatus t-shirt of the San Francisco Fire Department. Have a great holiday!!

<From Bill:  Wow!  This guy shares the same name as the EMS Battalion Chief I served during the Great SF Cycle race, a few days before we lost our innocence.  You know, the one that ran me through early morning SF, Code 3, to be his "operator" at a greater alarm fire?  Yeah, Him.  I wonder if there's a relation?  What a small world! The Chief, By the way, has put in his "reservation" for me next year.  I guess I have to get up at 0300 AGAIN!>

Thanks again for the great service, Bill!

Tony <xxx>
PS:  Wore the NERT t-shirt to work and everyone loved it!  Be prepared for orders!

I got my order yesterday, looks great.  I wore the t to the E-Board meeting last night and will wear it tonight at the Glen Park class 6.


Hi Bill!!

I received my NERT shirt yesterday and, as you promised, I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with it.  I plan on wearing it to Class #6 tonight for promotional purposes.  (I'll wear a sweatshirt over it so that it doesn't get damaged or dirty during our hands on exercises).  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I look forward to seeing (meeting) you tonight and you should expect to see an order come in from me today at SFFDGear!!



Bill, you wizard you!  The 4th generation NERT shirt is outstanding!  I know that when I wear it to drills, and such, you will be inundated with orders.  Thank you for designing and making this quality shirt available to us NERT's!

Robert "Tony"..............
Neighborhood Coordinator,
(A neighborhood) NERT

(Editor's note:  Thank you very much for the comments, but my only design "skill" was to suggest that "Firefighter Bob" emulate the skill he used for the "station duty" shirts into the new NERT ones.  They ARE pretty, aren't they?  Bill)


This is one nice shirt, seriously!
It is nicer than my SFPD tee, which is poly/cotton and all... anyway,
order received; thanks.  (Unique first name withheld)

I would like to be on your email list; can you add:<xxx>

Hi Bill,

I was order number 18. You put a note in it to write back. I loved the shirt. Wore it the next day. I love what you're doing. Look for my future orders!


Saturday 10/6
Hi Bill,
just to let you know we got the shirts
please let me know when you get more
NERT large and extra large tee's
shirts look great!!!!!

Joe  M. L...........
Associate member:
Florida Sheriffs, Md. Sheriffs, National Sheriffs,
REACT and Red Cross  disaster

Bill - The Gear Wizard - says: "Thank you folks, for checking in.  I read every email, read every letter and pack every shipment myself!"  Thanks for letting me know that you got your gear!  With your support, I'll be offering more - soon!